How to verify any service/websites without sharing your personal number.

How to verify any service/websites without sharing your personal number.

It is really frustrating to verify yourself every time you need to set up an account on some website or even use an application on your phone. It’s like proving it to everyone on the web that I am the original person and nobody else. Who wants that? Well, fear not, there is a perfect solution for this annoying problem. A fake or virtual phone number that will look like that it’s your personal number, but in reality, you will never share it with anyone. That’s the beauty of our service.

The first important thing you need to understand is that you can receive SMS online free for verification with regards to any website or application. To simplify it, consider that you have to set up an account on Google, and for that, after filling in all the details Google needs your phone number to verify your identity. Here if you don’t like to share your personal number, simply put in a virtual or fake phone number for verification. This fake phone number is an acolyte of your original number and can be used to verify for any website or service.

Added to the verification process, you can also receive SMS for free from people as well as the websites and platforms on these fake phone number. This service provides you complete anonymity and will not share your private information with these websites.  

The main motive of this service is to prevent any kind of personal information sharing to the social media platforms and other websites. We all know that in today’s cyber world some unethical individuals can use your personal information for anti-social activities or can use that information to extort money, therefore, it is always advised to restrict sharing of information on the social media platforms and other websites. But the problem arises when without such information you cannot access to the services provided by them. That’s where this fake phone number can be utilized for texting/messaging and verifications.

List of countries for Fake Phone Number

This service caters to a range of countries including America, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Estonia, Spain, France, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Lithuania, Sweden, the USA, and Slovakia among others. In all these countries you can send and receive SMS online for free.

You may think that if your personal information is saved from other websites it will be displayed on the virtual number provider’s platform. But,  don’t you worry as it is assured that you don’t need to register or provide any personal information for using our service. It’s always free!

List of Services for using Fake Phone Number

There are a number of websites and application on which these fake phone numbers can be used. The social media platforms comprise Facebook, Telegram, Wechat, Baidu, Yuilop, Instagram, Odnolassniki, Vichatter, and Chatroulette etc. Other websites on which you can provide fake numbers are Yahoo, Microsoft, YouTube, Global Call, Uber, and Voxo. All these platforms and applications need your personal phone number for verification purposes, but with the virtual phone number, you don’t need to share your private number with them and still continue to enjoy the service.

Last but not the least this service will not cost you anything; it is free of cost service protecting the personal information of millions of users worldwide.


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