Protect Your Private Information by Using Free Fake Phone Numbers

Fake Phone Number

Protect Your Private Information by Using Free Fake Phone Numbers

Fake Phone Number

Have you ever wondered that how some marketing company which is calling you every day got your number? Or some insurance agent got hold of your number, even when you have never shared it with any such person? Well, let me tell you. If you are using an online service like an social media, or a messaging service or application or even if you are ordering food online. The first thing these services demand from you is your phone number, and once you provide them with it. Your personal information becomes vulnerable to be shared with various other online service agents and platforms.

You cannot imagine the extent of damage this personal information sharing can cause to your life. Anybody having access to your phone number can find everything about you and your family. Therefore, it becomes imperative not to share your phone number with these platforms. But then how can you order food online the next time you are hungry or even hire an Uber if you have to go somewhere? The solution is a free fake phone number; yes you can now get a free fake number which is not attached to your original number. This fake phone number can be used to access every major online messaging service, e-commerce stores, social media and for giving it to a stranger. 

Private Fake Phone Number

The process is simple when you visit the website select one of the free disposable phone numbers of your liking and provide this to the website you are trying to verify. After a minute you will get a verification text and free fake/disposable phone number is linked instantly. Thereon, any message that you receive will be routed to this fake number. All the messages are displayed in the public domain on the website and you can get all the information you need from the websites. Another method to use this service is, after choosing the number that you like copy it from the website and paste it into the website on which you want to access. The verification text and other SMS will be received on the fake phone number and you will be able to use the service. This method is more beneficial as it can work even if you do not have a personal phone number at all.


Fake Phone Numer – Countries

This service is free for everybody residing in the countries which have been given access to by the service providers. Other countries are being added from time to time. The countries which have access to this service are listed on the website and the user can select his/her country from the list and start sending and receiving SMS for free using our Fake Phone Number.

Send SMS Online using our Fake Phone Number

Free Fake Phone Number

Not only can you receive an SMS from the free fake/disposable online phone number, but you can also send an SMS to any person from any country in the world using an anonymous number. An added feature of this service is that all the numbers that are displayed on the website will disappear in the next 30 days; this further provides a robust mechanism to protect your personal information. 

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